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Dr. Chad Yarbrough, DC



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Creating a Disease Free Life

Chad Yarbrough, DC
110 Glancy St. Suite 102
Goodlettsville, TN 37072
Phone: 615) 868-7676
Fax: 615-868-8345

Company Information

Dr. Chad Yarbrough is a chiropractic physician graduating from Life University in Atlanta, Georgia.  He attended the University of Tennessee for his undergraduate degree. He has worked with thousands of pateints from automobile accidents to complex conditions. His passion is working with complicated cases and he continues to further his education in functional medicine and nutrition.  He has completed hundreds of postgraduate hours in Applied Kinesiology, functional blood analysis, natural approaches to thyroid disease, neurotransmitter and brain seminars, autoimmune conditions and immune modulation, and most recently in methylation and MTHFR gene mutations.

Dr. Yarbroughfirmly believes in treating the whole body, not just symptoms and diagnoses.  For example, an imbalanced immune system will create a lack of energy and a hormonal catastrophe in the body and will influence someone’s ability to heal, respond to care and feel the best that he can.  Using this approach, he has been able to significantly help people with all kinds of conditions, who have been to many different doctors with no previous results. Utilizing this thought process, applied kinesiology and advanced laboratory analysis, allows him to pinpoint root causes in patients and eliminate them.

Training under Leading experts in multiple fields, Datis Kharazzian and Ben Lynch, Dr. Yarbroughhas gained extensive knowledge into complex cases and applies them to every patient no matter the complaint.  From back pain, car accidents and migraine headaches to thyroid dysfunction and complex neurological issues, Dr Yarbrough has had success with many different kinds of patients.  Treating the body that has disease instead of the disease the body has is his philosophy and has proven successful.

Dr. Yarbrough grew up in Nashville, TN playing soccer alongside Dr. Duensing’s family. He and Dr. Duensing continue to play soccer together to this day.  He enjoys spending time on the lake and vacationing somewhere with sand and a nice ocean breeze.

Dr. Yarbrough has recently started blogging and you can read more at

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