Keys to Networking

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Keys to Networking and Your Business Future

  1. Join a strong networking group.
    … Exclusive Business Group has proven to be strong in attendance and producing money for our members.
  2. Understand that it takes time to build trust.
    … Exclusive Business Group has many members that have been networking for years and have developed that trust.
  3. Get involved in EBG.
    … We see that by getting involved there is a direct correlation to increasing your business.
  4. Be Prepared
  5. Ask for what you want.
    … If you have a specific company where you want to get your foot in the door, then specifically ask (in your infomercial) for that company. I have seen that when this is done, someone in the group knows someone that will help you be successful and get in.
  6. Build relationships with members.
    … This helps with the trust factor. Members learn more about your company and will be more apt to remember to refer you.
  7. Train your members on what types of referrals you need.
    … Residential or Commercial; Restaurant or Hotel; Local or Nationwide; Large or Small … and what “large” or “small” means to you.
  8. Get and train your alternate when you cannot attend.
    … They are representing you so give them something you would want to say about your company. Your company not being represented at all meetings should be a rare thing.
  9. Be sure to follow up and thank your sales force (members) for the referrals they give you.
  10. Invite visitors.
    … Visitors help your business to grow and EBG to grow.

About the Author

Mark Hunter, “The Sales Hunter”, is a sales expert who speaks to thousands each year on how to increase their sales profitability. For more information, to receive a free weekly email sales tip, or to read his Sales Motivation Blog, visit TheSalesHunter.