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Wanda Carver  Owner
110 Stonehollow Way
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I am originally from Detroit, MI, but grew up in middle TN. I met my future husband, Jack, while at MTSU. I graduated with a degree in History and Sociology and certification in secondary education. I taught high school for a few years before having children. When our first son, Jonathan, came along, I became a stay-at-home-mom. Our second child, Matthew, was born 4 years later. I returned to teaching when he was 10. At that time, I added on my Elementary Education degree. Later, I became certified in Gifted Education as well.

As a pastor’s wife and long-time educator, I have had many opportunities to speak in public. As a natural story teller, this was something that brought me joy. So, when asked to consider writing and speaking as more than an occasional opportunity, I accepted the idea with alacrity. My first book, on the 25 prayers that changed my life, is in the hands of an editor right now. Together we’ll choose a title, but my hope is that in sharing my stories, others will feel empowered to tell theirs.

I hope to encourage, inspire, and sometimes entertain women.

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